St. Joseph's Renewal Center

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                                                                                                                                  September, 2016

Dear Friends,

     Thank you for your presence, support, and openness. Nothing happens without YOU!  Your interest, curiosity, and the want for more is what challenge us to be creative!  All of the above gives purpose to St. Joseph Renewal Center.  As you can see from our new address we have moved to Montfort Retreat Center in Bay Shore.  The Community is going to reconstruct the St. Joseph's Convent over the next few years.  The Sisters will be living in the Renewal Center.   We ask for your prayers during this phase of tremendous transition for the Sisters at St. Joseph's Convent.

     As you browse through this year's programming you will find the events that interest you from the past as well as new offerings that will stretch you to new heights.  Be open!  Give the time and experience you need to meet yourself and God in a new way.  In November we are sponsoring an overnight retreat experience on a well-known novel called "The Shack."  During the fall a program will be given on the topic of "Boundaries," a challenge for all of us.  In the spring the program will continue with the next level of "Boundaries," called "Attachment Styles.":  How and when they began and continue to reveal themselves in our adulthood will be our growing awareness.  The monthly "Wellness" program will focus on "The Seasons of Change in Life."  The Youth Ministry program is continuing because the need is there to serve our young people, not just for sacramental preparation but for a day of prayer that offers them a religious experience.

     You have already received an invitation to the celebration "The 20th Anniversary of the Spiritual Direction Training Program."  Come to some of the celebrations or only a few.  It's up to you!  Ask yourself these two questions:  Where do you need to go to meet God?  Where do you need to go to expand your relationship in human experience as well as in your spiritual life?  We are here for you!


                                                                                                                                                            Josephine Daspro, CSJ. D.Min. Director