St. Joseph's Renewal Center

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7th Grade through 9th Grad

"Confirmation - Invitation"

The confirmation Retreat is to bring young people to an understanding of the meaning of the sacrament as the beginning of their journey in faith  Our goal is to invite the youth to the loving relationship/image of God, and to help them to understand how their life can look different when living as confirmed Catholics living out their faith.  The students will be invited to recognize their gifts and be able to use them in service for God.


"Graduation Retreat"

Graduation is a time to both savor what has been and to look with hopeful expectations at what is yet to be.  

The retreat offers students a way to creatively explore the face of Jesus hidden in friends, classmates, teachers, and family as well as discovering Jesus with them.

The students will be encouraged to discover new ways to embrace their faith as they continue their journey to e the very special person God is inviting them to be.  

The retreat is interactive.


"Where is God Hiding?"

Where is God hiding is a new retreat offering that will focus on who they are in this culture of activity.  

What are the things they are listening to?  

How are they connecting with each other, themselves and God?  

The students are invited to ponder 

"What could you do if you believed you were loved unconditionally?


Further Details:  Every retreat offering, includes hands on experience through art, media and music.  Every retreat brings scripture alive for our youth and incorporates a prayer experience/ritual. 

Your $16.00 donation per person includes the presenter as well as all the materials used during the retreat.  The retreat can take place at our facility or yours.  

For more information, call 631-647-8683 or you can email Beth Barker at [email protected]


contact: 631-273-1187 Ext. 123 or email: [email protected]