St. Joseph's Renewal Center

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God Give us Songs in Our Sleep

An extended workshop to celebrate dreams and dreamers

This "God Gives Us Songs in Our Sleep" extended workshop will offer participants an opportunity to explore and pay with the deep hidden truths revealed in the mysterious and sometimes confusing world of dreams.  

Dream work offers us an opportunity to touch the truth of our own thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors.  It invites us to bring compassion and hospitality to new or perhaps long banished parts of ourselves.  It asks us to step into the world of images and symbols and to explore the questions we may never have thought to ask ourselves during our waking hours.  

It invites us to step into God and touch for a moment the TRUTH of who we are and whose we are to love not just the lovable parts of ourselves but the not so lovable parts as well.

Beginning with the assumption that all dreams are gifts from our God, who continuously calls us to wholeness and holiness, this program will invite participants to explore new ways of decoding and unlocking the symbols 

and messages with their dreams.  

Each session will provide time to explore a new and different topic as well as group participation based on the style of dream work pioneered by Jeremy Taylor that has proven to be a powerful tool in helping both beginners and seasoned dreamers uncover the multiple layers of meaning present in virtually every dream.

All men and women are welcome, if you are a spiritual director who helps others work with their dreams as a part of their spiritual practices, or someone who simply wants to renew and reawaken your dream energies, join us for these Saturday gathering and the excitement of releasing the extra-ordinary creative energy with your dreams!

November 4 & December 2


February 3, March 3, April 7, May 5, June 2

Saturdays: 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Presenter/Facilitator  Jean Lynch, MA

Offering: $25.00 per session