St. Joseph's Renewal Center

Where do you need to go to meet God?

Men’s Spirituality Retreat 

A Good Battle Plan is Needed!  “Trust Your Sights”

God’s presence in us invites us to ongoing “change” – what does the “change” in you look like today?

 We will take a deeper look at the change that’s already taken place in us, and how we are living differently because of that change? 

What are some of the challenges we face each day to stay in that change, and how do we stay committed to the life God calls us to? 

As a back drop, to illustrate the points of the presentations, we will be using the movie “Hacksaw Ridge.” 

Join us for an adventurous weekend where we will take a closer look at how we are living as men of faith in today’s world.

Presenters: Jim Barker, Doug Bauer, 

Dan Lahey, Deacon Pat Gerace and Fr. Rich Zuk

November 9 - 11

Offering: $225.00 ($25.00 goes to support the Men’s work)

Retreat for Men and Women

 “Connecting the DOTS”

Living in a world that constantly challenges us and keeps us from the wholeness and holiness of God’s gifts, presents us with the question: what keeps you off balance? How do you get back in touch with your dreams and hopes? The focus will be exploring how to live more deeply, honestly and passionately.

Presenters: Beth and Jim Barker, Paul Bergen and Ann Marie Dodd 

November 30 – December 2

Offering $200.00

Women’s Spirituality Retreat 

January 11 – 13 and January 25 - 27

 “The Kaleidoscope of Becoming”

A kaleidoscope is a changing pattern, a succession of changing phases or actions as well as a mixture of many different things. 

Doesn’t this sound like a definition of being a woman! 

In what way would you describe your life as a kaleidoscope? 

The Greek word “kalos” means beautiful, “eidos” means shape added to the English word “scope” meaning something for viewing, you have a kaleidoscope. 

As we pray together in a contemplative environment our challenge will be to see ourselves as a beautiful reflection of our Creator as we reflect on the many facets of our nature as women.

Presenters: Beth Barker, Judy Coste, Josephine Daspro, Suzanne LePre and Joan Vesssio 

Offering: $200.00

An Overnight Retreat for Married Couples 

“Celebrating the Memories”

Memories are special! Remember the good times, the times of trail and those that challenge are what make the foundation in a relationship strong. We will go down memory lane through stories and sharing our personal journey. During our time together we will celebrate with a candle light dinner and music.

Presenters: Stacie and Greg Baltrusitis and Jeanne and George Theodoropoulos 

February 9 – 10

Host Couple: Beth and Jim Barker

Offering: $150.00 per couple